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Promo Palang Parkir /Barrier Gate M Gate (OEM) type PMSM

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Barrier Gate M Gate Heavy Duty (Italy Dunker Motor)

Advanced Features
*Excellent waterproof, dust-proof performance, the whole product protection grade is IP65.
* Excellent weather resistance, -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ reliable work, military quality.
* Can work with DC24V battery, can be combined with solar energy, wind power, suitable places lack of AC power.
* Open and close speed is fast, overall increase the vehicle passing rate, shorten the vehicle traffic interval.
* Boom rise automatically when power off, comply with the fire safety requirements.
* Boom detail to anti-collision.
* Long time maintenance-free, greatly reducing maintenance costs.
* The highest level of security, completely avoid smashing cars or smashing people.
* During the course of the movement without any mechanical impact or shock absorption, the highest reliability, the longest service life.
* Boom rising angel adjustable (60°, 70°,80°,90°)
* Direction exchange is easy.
* Free debugging during production and installation, greatly reduce the maintenance and labor costs.
* Advanced servo control system, high speed and precise.
* Low-power servo motor, truly maintenance-free, high durability and energy saving.
* Zero speed (0 rpm) constant torque output, no need worry about external force to lever the boom.
* No position sensor, each stop with the same accuracy. Pair using is fully synchronized.
* No anti-shock rubber, no impact, no bounce, free adjustment.
* No clutch device, boom will auto rise when power off (or unlock when power off, only use hand to lift the boom gently).
* No key-way design, no longer to worry about the gap between the key-way and the key, which is a hidden danger.
* No brake design, no longer to worry about the troubles from the wear of the brake pads and a series of reliability problems.
* Highly reliable industrial-grade sports parts, completely beyond the industry quality.
Product Specifications

Arm Length Max 6M
Opening And Closing Time 0.6S,0.9S,3S,4S
Rated Voltage AC100V~AC264V,DC24V
Frequency 50Hz~60Hz
Motor Rated Power 50W,Max 100W/ Italy Dunker Motor
Working Environment -40 ℃ ~85 ℃
Power Standby≤8W,run≤100W
Housing Size(H*W*H*W) 342*312*959*2mm
Lifetime More than 10 million operation time or 10 years
MTTR <0.5Hrs
MTBF >500 million operation times
Protection Degree IP65
Relative Humidity ≦ 90%
Motorno-load speed 3000r/min
Remote Distance ≦ 100m
Output Torque 0.86N.M*140=120N.M
Running Noise: <60dB
Net Weight 42.6KG